The Medicine in Music: Dr. Balsama’s Hidden Talent - Dr. Louis Balsama Bariatric Surgery

The Medicine in Music: Dr. Balsama’s Hidden Talent

The Medicine in Music: Dr. Balsama’s Hidden Talent

Most people know that Dr. Balsama is a talented surgeon, having mastered the 3-port laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy and being the first surgeon at Kennedy Hospital to complete an SILS Lap Band procedure. But did you know he’s also a gifted musician?



Dr. Balsama in the studio recording his music video for “Down the Other Road”


While in medical school, Dr. Balsama dove into his musical side as a temporary escape from studying. He has a genuine love for revitalizing the human spirit, whether it is through performing bariatric surgery for his patients or strumming a guitar for his listeners. Music is another activity that Dr. Balsama believes can ease the mind and steer someone towards a healthier lifestyle.


Dr. Balsama first played the acoustic guitar as a student, but later in his musical journey, he started singing to match his melodies. In his new video, the doc performs an original song “Down the Other Road” to show his compassion for patients who are afraid to enter new phases of their life.



I’m not an uptight doctor and that’s all I do and I have no other sides to me,” Dr. Balsama jokes. “I’m a regular person. I have hobbies, too.”


Singing is a simple, emotional way to reach people seeking direction, especially anyone struggling with their weight loss journey. Dr. Balsama’s music is a creative expression of his responsibility as a mentor and motivator.


“The mirrors in your mind hold reflections that you’ll find,” Dr. Balsama sings in his tribute song to inspire patients that future goals are attainable and closer than they realize.


Dr. Balsama wants to build a support system through his music. He understands the difficulties along the path of weight loss and the patience, determination and trust required to overcome the major life changes that bariatric surgery entails. Dr. Balsama’s music is another medicine that he uses to change the lives of his patients.


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  • Kim Gaudette

    Beautiful! You performed weight loss surgery on my daughter and son in law and they are both so much healthier and happier! Thank you for caring!

  • Audra Cook

    Love your song didn’t know that little Louis could do something like that

  • Maureen Brady

    Hey Doc,
    I had my Gastric Sleeve surgery in Oct 2:015. I am in a wheelchair and am losing weight more slowly than others but I’m loosing….100 pounds!

    I really enjoyed your song. I also think you are a pretty good song writer. Keep the music coming.

  • Jessica Muhammad

    Can I have your autograph? Love ya doc, thanks for giving me my life back

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