Meet Dr. Louis Balsama & His Bariatric Surgery Team in South Jersey

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Dr. Balsama takes pride not only in his pioneering work in bariatrics in the Northeast but also in his leading patient care. In creating a space for those with the shared struggle of weight loss, he fostered a group of dedicated former and current patients that participate in everything from run/walk events to fashion shows. Matching that with a friendly team who’s always available to answer questions and lend a supportive shoulder, Dr. Balsama has built not just a community, but a family.

Meet Dr. Balsama

For Dr. Balsama, a leading bariatric surgeon in South Jersey, surgery is just the beginning. He understands that real lifestyle changes are ongoing and works hard to provide the support his patients need in and out of the operating room. He doesn’t just encourage a healthy lifestyle. He embodies it. As a fitness lover, Dr. Balsama has qualified for and participated in the Boston Marathon, the Chicago Marathon, and the Broad Street Run.

When he isn’t working to better himself, he’s working to better his practice, formerly serving as Acting Chairman for the Department of Surgery and as General Surgery Residency Program Director at Rowan-SOM. His dedication to his practice led him to be the first surgeon to perform the first LINX anti-reflux surgery at Jefferson Health NJ. In recognition of all his outstanding work, Dr. Balsama has been voted a “Top Doc” by SJ Magazine 6 years in a row.



Post-op life requires a lot of lifestyle changes. The first step to living a healthier life is maintaining a well-balanced diet. Dr. Balsama not only integrates a healthy diet into his own life, but he helps his patients to do so as well.

With a cooking show in the works, Dr. Balsama will share recipes and demonstrate techniques to help viewers make flavorful, wholesome meals. Pulling recipes right from his everyday life, he’ll show how easy healthy eating can be. Sign up for email alerts about the show and other tips for healthy living.


In addition to diet, healthy living is also influenced by fitness. A routine exercise plan is essential to achieving and maintaining your best results. Showing patients that they can start at any time without expensive workout clothes or equipment, Dr. Balsama shares his love of running. As an avid runner who has taken part in several races and marathons, Dr. Balsama loves participating in community events to get his patients moving. He even runs sponsored 5K run/walks with his patients and has hosted an online running club to keep them motivated.


But Dr. Louis Balsama’s interests don’t stop at food and fitness. He has a true love for music and is a passionate musician. Dr. Balsama plays the guitar, drums, and has a heart-warming singing voice which you can hear in the background of some of his videos. If your heart can’t be won by his warm personality, maybe, just maybe, he’ll serenade you with a song. Listen to his tribute song to his patients.