Bariatric Surgery Frequently Asked Question South Jersey - Philadelphia


Frequently Asked Questions

Our team and community are always available to answer questions you may encounter along your weight loss journey. If you cannot find answers here, please contact us.

How much does weight loss surgery cost?
What is a pre-op diet?
What is my expected weight loss after surgery?
Is there a chance that a bariatric patient may gain weight back long term?
What are the best strategies for long-term success after weight loss surgery?
Where are the bariatric surgeries performed?
What is a staple line leak? How can it be prevented?
How are staple line leaks treated?
How can blood clots be prevented or treated?
How common are vitamin deficiencies after bariatric surgery?
What vitamins are recommended after surgery?
How quickly may I return to work following bariatric surgery?
How quickly may I start an exercise routine after surgery?
How long do I follow up after surgery? At what intervals?

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