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Becoming a Balsama Buddy

When you choose Dr. Louis Balsama as your bariatric specialist, you become more than just a patient of an expert surgeon. You join a family of people who have stood exactly where you’re standing. They’ve all been through the fear before surgery, the drastic life changes, and most importantly, the joy that comes after the results start to set in. Through every step of surgery and recovery, there are challenges, but our dedicated group of cheerleaders and advocates will ensure you won’t maintain your new healthy lifestyle alone. Your questions will be answered, you’ll always have a listening ear, and you’ll be surrounded by the support of others.

But Dr. Balsama’s buddies don’t only stick around for the company of one another, they honestly stand behind Dr. Balsama and all his endeavors. The unmatched care provided by his team is what gets his patients so excited to join the community. His personable nature and regard for his patients’ well being can be felt in his service. He has made a career-long dedication to innovative patient care.

Being a Balsama Buddy has benefits beyond a lower number on the scale. As a part of this community you’ll have access to special events, workout clubs, and more. While all of these things will contribute to your overall weight loss, they’ll do something even greater. They will build your confidence, and empower you to be your best self. Made up of former and current patients as well as some staff, our community is here to empower you, whether you have questions about what a procedure is really like, need healthy recipe ideas, or just want someone to talk to. Our community’s greatest strength lies in the fact that we are never alone in our journeys.

We are living success stories, and we can’t wait to help you take the first step.

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