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Balsama Buddies Strut at Fashion Show


Balsama Buddies Strut at Fashion Show

Last fall, the Balsama Buddies took to the runway for Kennedy Health’s “Fall Fashion Expo: Weight Loss Surgery Success Stories” at the Cherry Hill Mall.

The event was a remarkable success. Dozens of friends of family gathered to watch their loved ones show off their newfound confidence.



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The Fall Fashion Expo originated at Dr. Balsama’s practice in 2013. The show grew from the enthusiasm patients demonstrated for how good they felt. They had a strong desire to showcase their success with others who may be considering weight loss surgery.

I’d do it all again tomorrow,” said Jenn Longo, a patient of Dr. Balsama and mother of Peter, who also participated in the fashion show in 2017.

“I finally chose to break free of my own self-doubt,” noted Peter.

Dr. Balsama’s office continued to organize the show until 2016, when Kennedy Health (now Jefferson Health) joined in. Kennedy was inspired by the event and wanted to share the opportunity with their own patients.

“Being the community that we are at Balsama Bariatrics, we wanted to extend the transformation of all weight loss patients with the world,” said Kathleen McKeever, Bariatric Coordinator for the practice.

Kennedy Health has since assumed responsibility for planning the shows, working with Dr. Balsama’s team to showcase patients and educate audiences on the benefits of weight loss surgery.


Gaining Confidence After Weight Loss Surgery

Bariatric surgery is more than reaching a number on a scale. Patients also face a different version of themselves in the mirror: someone with new clothes and changed habits, but who still deserves continuous love, strength and support along with their new self-image.

The fashion show is just one example of the opportunities Dr. Balsama offers for patients to celebrate all of their hard work.

I no longer wanted to be invisible,” said model and patient Cheryl Davies, “and I want to participate in things that I never thought that I ever would before.”



By becoming a Balsama Buddy, patients gain a support system that can be critical when undertaking a lifestyle change. Through attending support groups, participating in athletic events, and other fun activities, the Balsama Buddies foster a community of motivation and encouragement to succeed in post-weight loss surgery life.

If you’re ready to take the first step towards weight loss surgery, sign up for one of Dr. Balsama’s weekly Bariatric Seminars. We can’t wait to help you add more life to your years.

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