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Post Bariatric Surgery Tips

Post Bariatric Surgery Tips

Post-bariatric surgery can have lift-changing benefits to your body, health, and confidence. But life after surgery can be intimidating. So, to ensure long-lasting results, remember these tips during your recovery and life after surgery.

Get walking

After bariatric surgery, it’s important to get up and moving as soon as you are able to. While the first few days will consist of mostly rest, by day three you should make an attempt to walk around your house, gradually leading up to more exercise as you feel comfortable. This will get your blood flowing to help with the healing process, as well as start you out on the right foot when it comes to leading a healthier, more active lifestyle. Establishing a regular exercise routine early will help ensure the effectiveness of your weight loss procedure. The good news is, exercise should continue to become easier and more comfortable as you lose weight!

Check your diet

After a major surgery on your stomach, you’ll need to stick to a liquid diet for several days. You can then begin adding soft foods, but you may not be able to add solid foods to your diet until months later. Your procedure’s effectiveness will depend greatly on your ability to manage a healthy diet. This should involve cutting out foods that are high in fat, sugar, and sodium. Instead, add in plenty of fruits and vegetables, especially leafy greens. Choose healthy proteins like fish, chicken, and eggs.

Along with eating the right foods, it’s equally important to make sure you’re staying hydrated. Make sure you are getting the recommended amount of daily water intake (typically eight, 8-ounce glasses).

Ask for help

Life after weight loss surgery can be challenging, both physically and mentally. But asking the right questions before and after treatment can help you become fully prepared. Be honest with your doctor about any concerns you have about your weight loss and anything that could hinder your progress. If you’re struggling with the changes you’re facing, reaching out to a friend, family member, or support group can help.

If you have questions about your recovery and life after bariatric surgery, contact Dr. Balsama, a leading bariatric surgeon in South Jersey.

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