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When To Revise A Weight Loss Surgery

When To Revise A Weight Loss Surgery

Some people have a weight loss surgery relapse several years after their initial surgery. A small percentage of people will benefit from another procedure that is known as a revision surgery. The purpose of a revision surgery is to help a person lose weight and address any related symptoms that they may have. There are several things that can cause a person to regain the weight, such as new stress and behavioral changes. Other people had gastric bypass in the past and saw that their family members and friends were able to get better results with gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy. They may want to try that instead to get the same benefits.

Why do Some People End Up Regaining the Weight After Surgery?

There are several personal changes that can cause people to gain weight after surgery. You may regain weight if you have kids. A new job and financial problems are some of the other things that can cause you to regain the weight. Weight loss surgery is very beneficial in helping the process of losing weight but, ultimately, nutrition and lifestyle will determine whether a person is able to maintain the results of their procedure.

It is important for people who have regained the weight to change their lifestyle before they opt to get another surgery. You will need to exercise and eat healthy. You should do everything that you can to stick with a healthy program. Additionally, there have been a lot of changes made in recent years. There are things that we can do today that we could not do 10 years ago. That is why it may be necessary for patients to get a new procedure.

What are Your Options for Revision Surgery?

The type of your original surgery and your life situation will determine what type of revision surgery you need to have. Dr. Louis Balsama will do several tests in order to determine the best surgery for you.

A sleeve gastrectomy is a common and effective surgery. This is a procedure where a portion of the stomach is removed and made it into the shape of a sleeve. Additionally, some people are candidates for gastric bypass. This is a procedure where the stomach is divided into two portions. It will have a small pouch where the food will be processed. It will also have a larger part that will be bypassed.

Which Procedure is Right for Me?

Depending on your goals, lifestyle, and concerns, Dr. Balsama will help to determine the right procedure for you. During a consultation, Dr. Balsama will review the pros and cons of each procedure. After that, he will recommend the procedure that is best for you. To make a consultation appointment, contact Dr. Balsama’s office by phone or fill out an online form.

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