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Stay Active this Spring!

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Stay Active this Spring!

After having a bariatric procedure, Dr. Balsama recommends remaining physically active to help you lose weight. As the weather improves during the spring, you can get outside more, so you should make sure to plan for some fun activities in your life. Take advantage of these fun, outdoor activities.

Even if you currently have a limited ability to do some or all of these activities, walking outside and spending time outdoors is still a worthwhile endeavor. Sunshine and a fresh breeze can provide an emotional lift, and getting in the habit of being outdoors and enjoying the better weather can help you eventually build better habits as well.

Activity 1: Walking In Your Neighborhood

Walking in your neighborhood is one of the easiest forms of exercise, and it is also free. You can walk alone, or you can bring along a friend. If you have a dog, then take it along for a walk too. When you are recovering from your weight-loss surgery, you can walk at a leisurely pace, but as you walk more, you can walk briskly to increase your heart rate. This is a great way to stay fit and active that doesn’t actually seem like exercise.

Activity 2: Do Some Yard Work

When the lawns around your home are a mess from the winter weather, this is the time to do some maintenance. You can pick up the fallen tree branches, pull up weeds, and even start to plant a garden. This type of physical activity can increase the strength in your arms, shoulders, and back while letting you enjoy the fresh spring air.

Activity 3: Playing a Sport

After you begin losing weight, you will feel more energized, so spring is the perfect time to begin playing a sport. This will help you work on your cardiovascular level, while also making new friends. Socializing with others while you are playing a team sport is very healthy for your mind so you can look for a local team for many sports such as soccer, softball, and even kickball. Alternatively, you can play tennis at a local park, or you might prefer playing golf at a nearby golf course. All of these are great ways to start improving your level of exercise.

Activity 4: Hiking

Spring is a fantastic time for hiking, so you should fill a backpack with bottles of water and a nonperishable lunch before finding a wooded area to visit. While hiking, wear comfortable shoes to avoid blisters on your feet, and also, make sure to stop occasionally to enjoy the foliage or wildlife. This is a great way to get some good exercise while exploring new areas.

Activity 5: Riding Your Bicycle

Rather than driving your automobile everywhere during the spring, buy a bicycle to ride. You can use a bicycle to complete errands in your neighborhood, or you can ride your bicycle along the nature trails that many cities have. Riding a bike is not only environmentally friendly and economically conscious but it adds in a good chance to exercise and be outdoors.

Activity 6: Outdoor Yoga

Yoga is a very popular activity throughout the year, and it is amazing outdoors as well. You can enjoy a soothing or energizing yoga routine in your own backyard or at a nearby park. Yoga is great alone, but you can also find groups of other individuals who want to perform poses outside on the green grass underneath a beautiful tree. Many cities have local yoga-meetups for anyone who is free and interested.

These activities are just some ways to stay active and enjoy the outdoors this Spring!

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