How to Exercise after Bariatric Surgery

How to Exercise after Bariatric Surgery

Whether you have had a weight loss surgery or a considering getting one, you must adopt a new, physically active lifestyle. Understand that the long-term success of bariatric surgery will depend on two key factors – a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

Before you begin, understand that every weight loss journey is different. There is never a clear answer when it comes to fitness, because it is considered personal. What you need to do is keep a well-established goal in mind.

Once you set your objectives straight, you can work towards attaining these goals. Some of the clear advantages that you will gain almost immediately include less stress on the joints and more mobility. Understand that the entire surgery point was to improve your health, and an exercise program will help you achieve it.

Where Do I Start?

This is quite a common question among individuals who have gone through weight loss surgery. Most of these individuals are not entirely sure what type of exercise they should start with or what kind of routine to adopt. Well, the simple answer is starting with movement.

If you never engaged in exercise before your surgery, this means you cannot start with high goals, such as doing sixty minutes of cardio. What you need to do is start with small achievable goals and slowly set higher goals. Most sources will recommend that you have at least sixty minutes per day of cardiovascular exercise to achieve weight loss. However, this quickly leads to burnout if you’re just starting out. Instead, start gradually and progress until you comfortably meet the sixty-minute mark. Move on through intervals of five minutes over the course of a few months to ease into the transition.

Pick an Enjoyable Exercise

Fitness is all about having fun while improving your health at the same time. Choosing an exercise that you enjoy ensures that you can keep a steady workout routine. Think of it this way; you will not wake up excited the next morning knowing that you have to do cardio exercises that you hate.

If you hate the treadmill, then go for long outdoor walks. If you prefer swimming, then ensure that you sign up for a membership at a gym that has one. There are alternative forms of exercise that suit just about anyone’s preference as long as you keep an open mind.

Take Baby Steps

Whenever you work out, you always need to remember that small achievements are essential. Do not just aim for the long-term goals and forget about the small daily wins. Embracing these wins will give you the motivation you need to work harder the next day.

Schedule an Appointment

If you are looking to put your life back on track after bariatric surgery, you need to book an appointment with Dr. Louis Balsama. He will guide you on how to have fun as you do the right exercises. You will also get a chance to interact with a dedicated family of current and former patients who are willing to help you.

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